Wednesday, February 18, 2009

my darling sweet wonderful djd

 So as we drove to work this morning strangely our morning talking turned to gardening.....not a topic we normally discuss no no....we normally speak of religion, politics, world issue, how to save the planet...never do we discuss gardening.

anyway my darling sweet wonderufl djd was moaning about how there are no books written about/by nz gardening/gardeners......they are either based on american/english seasons....written by people with degree's but no practical experience...none are written by the good old honest NZ gardener.

So I thought to I will go out and see if I can find a book that will give my darling sweet wonderful djd what he is looking for....and I could not believe my luck when I found just that....a book not only written by a new zealander but one who also used to write gardening tips for a who used to own his own who has lived a life and knows what is what.

there he was talking about leaf curl.....about flower drop....about all the things that can go wrong with tomato' if your toms are in all day full sun you should shade you should shake the plants to help the self pollination

How I couldn't wait to give my darling sweet wonderful djd the book, how I couldn't wait to see the look of adoring love in his eyes as he thanked me for finding such a that look would probably turn into a twinkle of glee at the thought that I who call him who laughs at his antics....had just brought him a gift with love that proved him to right in the things he has been doing and saying.

so my darling sweet wonderful djd....i hear by admit to your surperior knowledge....I admit you knew what you were doing...I admit you produce wonderful vege's....I admit that I still think you are eccentric only validated by the book I brought you today :-)



dinzie said...

I think you should actually give more detail on where exactly I am right and that your unjust jibes at my ecentricities and peculiar habits (such as tomato blossom tickling) have backfired and that yes - I - The ecentric "Englishman living in Wellington" is completely right and backed up by nothing less than a true Kiwi master gardener who obviosly knows what he is talking/writing about :O)

Love you sweetie :O)


Kay said...

Awww you two!