Sunday, February 15, 2009

The real djd!!

This year so far we have had some wonderful meals out of our garden. I dont believe how much I have enjoyed the food when we put our minds to cooking instead of being lazy with takeaways or a meal out.

Of course I have to acknowledge that really its all down to djd's drive and passion and hard work.....and dare I say it but his eccentric behaviour.... that has made the garden what it has been. And of course it is djd that has given me the most laughs as well.

I have never seen anyone nuture a pumpkin as much as that man soon as he clapped eyes on the pumpkin he began to worry about where it was positioned...would it grow so large that it would squash its own effect kill itself. We have placed straw under weeding mat...and now he has fretted about the recent rain and if the pumpkin is going to rot on the its newspaper to be placed under said pumpkin.....if I can lift it because he's hurt his back and cant...yes it is that big

And then...out of the blue there is suddenly a pumpkin on our bank from the second plant that we can see from our kitchen window and its just as big....if not bigger....and longer because gravity is making it so...and all without the aid of djd....but that doesn't stop him now worrying about this pumpkin now and what he can build to place under it so it doesn't become to heavy for the stalk that it grows from.....a platform is being formulated in his mind...and I suspect soon it will be sitting under the pumpkin

And the tomato's...well let me tell you...he is out there everyday doing something with those tom's...first its curl leaf...on no...unheard of up until this year in the vocabulary of the dinzie household....put down eventually to possibly its too hot...should we consider putting umbrella's up for the poor toms!!!!!

Everyday as we pull up in the drive djd is out of the car and shaking that tomato frame and wait for it....tickling the tomato flowers...yes he tickles them to stimulate the growth of fruit....and the sad is working!!!!!

Oh and this week...milk powder.....but to make it worse due to his sore back it was actually me who ended up spreading milk powder on the toms.....and then water them with feed as well....and now the big worry....wet rain may cause leaf mold!!!

Then there were the broad beans....the first of the crops to worry him....first they weren't growing high enough...then there were no bee's appearing in the garden to fertilise the flowers...and there just weren't enough flowers....and then a bee appeared....and djd watched it with glee as it buzzed around the flowers which had eventually seemed to come in abundance.

Then there were the potato's in the bins...started ok...then it took a long time for the first shoots to appear...and then once they were didnt look good when the stalks appeared to get a disease...but none the less we did get some decent feeds from the spuds :-)

Ok so you may be thinking he doesn't sound eccentric....just worried about his veges....but this man has lost sleep over the vege garden....he is up to 2am in the morning reading articles on vege gardens....he has endless search engines out there looking for anything that mentions vege's

I'm getting worried........

Oh and have I mentioned how he is already telling me how we will have to go to the local parks come Autumn and have to pick up all the fallen leaves to fill the compost bin up with!!!

and he calls me mad dog mcdinzie!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

He's just damn lucky I love him for who he is...with all his eccentric ways :-)



dinzie said...

I would just like to reiterate the one sentence that matters ....

"This year so far we have had some wonderful meals out of our garden. I dont believe how much I have enjoyed the food when we put our minds to cooking instead of being lazy with takeaways or a meal out."

So far we've had the best tasting vegetables we've had in years :O)

AND By the way - SHHHSHSHSHSHSHS!!! You are giving aware the dinzie trade secrets !! Passed on from generation to generation of eccentric Dinzies in Darkest England !!!



Kay said...

Oh this made me giggle! I can see it all! Including you out there holding the umbrella over the toms with a certain expression that only a Mad Dog McDinzie can muster!!!1 :) Okay so it is in my imagination - but not too far from the truth I would warrant!