Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bits and Bobs

Just an entry with bits and bobs....more bits than bobs

Been damn hot here and with a injured djd..never a good combination

I have moved into a new role for a few months....called a proof of concept.....if it goes well then I will have been heavily involved in setting up a new divison for the based on giving service to our internal customers instead of trying to complicate their lives in the IT world.....yes I am turning into an IT geek!!!

There was a public holiday here on Friday and we decided to take Monday (today) off as well. Has been a very relaxing not doing much weekend....feeling really great for it too. We took the dogs for a walk today ....yes the beagle is still with us....and no signs suffering from the illness that struck her late last year. While wondering along the path there is a large number of blackberry bramble....and we collect 2kgs (about 4lb) of fresh blackberry.....yummm and with the haul we have been collecting from the bramble at our place...we have huge plans for blackberry and apple crumble and blackberry jam........yummmmmmmy (big sis I bet you were coming to visit now!!!)

We also went for a walk over in the hot hot....but great walks .... attempted to capture a picture of a fantail....damn things move so fast...this is the only one that came out worth while

 And just because its a bits and bob entry....

These three made me laugh

Seems to be a bit of a birdie theme

I took this on our holiday in Hong Kong...its now my wallpaper

Oh and the terrible fires over in Australia...have been watching the ozzie news and it just saddens me to think that there has been such a high lose of life...up to 128 now...people are telling stories of how fast the fire moves....saw the speed on the TV and it just blew me away at the wonder people just could not out run it...

Well thats it for now...till next time...keep well and safe everyone










Kay said...

So wish I was there!!!! Blackberry pie! Mmmmm. Glad you had a lovely day ... see ... your bodies are telling you something!!! ;)
The photos are glorious! A gift you have for sure. (Both of you of course!!!)

dinzie said...

You have the best Fantail Picture :O)