Sunday, August 24, 2008

Like Riding A Bike

So whats changed in town?? hmmm not much :)

Have I changed...hmm not much probalby a good thing..except for the weight which is neither going up nor down

Has much changed around the house...well apart from a great ruddy big vege garden starting to emerge on the top of our section...not much else which means we have done nothing about upgrading anything on the inside like we should

How are the pets...well Cola the beagle is older....gets to do things her way....gets away with far too much and as we come home each day we hold our breath until we hear the bark from the garage

Pepsi the mixed up huntawy- poor pepsi she has a bad case of arthritis in one of her back legs and her muscles are getting weaker and weaker...she still loves her walks but hobbles alot more and will be on drugs now until it all gets too much

George the king of cats- well that cat seems like he will live forever and shows no signs of being old except to sleep all day...what a life :)

Mickey the cat who adopted us! - she seems to be getting older...put on a bit of weight even...even took to eating a bit of cat meat...stops her chasing the birds...she will last for years to come

so for anyone who is interested and hasn't been to djd's page we recently went on the most fabulous holiday to Brunei for a couple of nights and then on to Hong Kong for was just the best best best holiday. Would it be my most favourite...hmmm thats a hard one but it sure is one to beat!

Now all I have to do is get my photo's organised. But here is a taste of some from the first day/night being there



A water village.....houses on stilts with wooden plank walkways connecting everything just like streets and footpaths where I was caught and taking pictures and waved at :)

and there are always flowers about

Mosques abound...but these two were particularly pretty at night

And this tower...the next day I would get to enjoy walking up the 300 steps to the top...there's more to that story :)

So I guess writing and posting pictures is a bit like riding a never seems to forget how to do it.