Saturday, October 25, 2008

Quick update




Well you just wouldn't adam and eve it!!!!

Monday Cola was going down hill and I was all ready to take her into the vet...djd was saying...lets just leave her today and see what she is like tonight and if we have to then........

She was eating but then just bringing it all back up...which meant she was getting no medication.....

Monday night and she was still being sick but alert

Tuesday - we'll give it another day??

Wednesday - hold on...she's wagging her tail

Thursday - wait a minuite....she's started to eat the cats food again!!!

Friday - well blow me down with a feather.....she is starting to bounce around the house....looking for food...

Saturday - you do know you nearly died on Monday dont you!!!! Your meant to be on deaths door!!!!

Sunday - welcome back Cola....

 Bit blurry but I think you will get the idea :-)

I smell food!?!?!?!?!

Well are you going to give it to me!?!?!?!

Or do I have to jump!!


And you will be pleased to know she did get it and ate it with great gusto!!


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Life in the old dog



There is some life left in the old dog....well even with djd turning one year older and closer to a "that age!" he still manages to get about the garden :) Happy Birthday sweetie :)

As for the other old dog in the house.....Cola....well she has a little life left in her as well. Back to the vet again this week. We could see her getting weaker and weaker and more and more sick as the week progressed, we took her in on Wednesday morning...thinking this is it...but they pumped her up with fluids and pills and kept her in. The vet rings us....could we bring in some "home" cooking for Cola and see if she will eat as she wont eat the food they are giving her.

Duly said we left work went to the supermarket got some meat...took it home cooked it up and went for a visit to the vets. What a different dog she was to when we dropped her in that morning....hungry and eager to eat. So the next morning we took in breakfast and dinner that night...we could see her improving...but still on the drip to keep the fluids up. Friday morning and we dropped in more food.

The vet decided to slowly reduce the fluids ....there is nothing more they can do for our girl....but she cant live the rest of her life on a drip. Cola that night decided she no longer wanted to be on the drip and removed it herself!!

"Well in that case" says the vet "you probably can take her home"

So she is home with us. She is not as ill, is a lot more alert and looking for food but its just time now...her kidneys will again give up and that will be it for our little girl....a good loyal friend of 15 years...but at least we have a few more days with her.

I have some piccies of Cola...but when I look back at them most of when she is asleep...well mainly because she looks so damn cute when asleep.

So here are a few of our darling girl....I espcially like the one of the "family" :)

Don't I look cute in pink :)

I have a built in shade mechanism

If mum had sound on her camera you could hear me snoring :)

"Family Member down....all gather round" - I wonder what it is about animals that they sense when things are not right....these pets of our never get this close and cosy with each other unless the heater is on...and yet here they are giving loving support to one who is not well.

So we expect our girl will leave us some day soon...but for now we have her home and I can cuddle her for now :)

Oh did I mention that djd had a birthday yesterday :)