Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gone to chase the rabbits



She was my dog....I had wanted a beagle many years ago...and when I turned 31 I wanted a beagle puppy for my birthday. I got my way


Pepsicola was a bure bred Beagle...she had many brother and sisters and I choose her from a litter of 8. She even had papers...she could have been a show dog...and I contemplated this but never did. Glad I didn’t as show dog life seems rather clicky to me.


There were continual arguments about her having pups...I fought that every step of the ex who has no brains...thought we could make money from the puppies...he who at that time worked in another city and was never home. So who would be left to tend to the puppies? Well me of course so puppies.


She had very bad habits...some of which were natural to her and some that I never for the first 5 years of her life she lived with me and the ex....then we split and at that stage my Cola went with my daughter who lived with her father.....too many many guilt trips played over this time to go into but for the next 5 years I never saw Cola and only occasionally my daughter.


And then the ex decided that Cola was all too much....and w took her to come live with us. The second she got out of the car she settled was like she had lived with us her entire life.


She was very fat, unhealthy....and didn’t look like she would live to the end of the year....but then we introduced her to walking every reduced food intake...and my darling wee girl continued to wake every morning and enjoy life.


Last October she became very ill...we thought we had lost her...but she bounced back....until last weekend....she was sleeping....a lot....and food which would normally entice her didn’t raise an eyebrow....Monday night we came home to find a garage showing signs of a sick Beagle....Tuesday night we took her to the vet...she had to go back on a drip and stay in.


Wednesday......the hardest but the only decision I could make was was time for my darling beagle to go to that place where she could chase rabbits and destroy rubbish bags without being growled at .


My sweet darling djd was my rock....he supported me...he stayed with Cola to the end...I couldn’t stay...


I guess I am writing through the pain of losing my Cola and I hope that djd will help me once again and share the lighter side of Cola for she had such terrible bad habit which just made her Cola


Bye bye my puppy.


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Kay said...

I'm sorry. It's painful and all you can do is let yourself go through it. She'll always be a part of your life, and that much will never be taken away. I'm glad I met her and saw her in action; she was a darling, comic personality, that's for sure!

Kay said...

I've given your blog an award.