Saturday, April 11, 2009




Today I write to acknowledge my wonderful djd

I do this acknowledgement with all my love

About 18 months ago djd starting to make murmmerings about wanting a vege garden. I choose to ignore these mummerings...hoping they would go away cause what he was planning was a big task. Several square foot frames at the top of our section which was so overgrown with gorse it was taller than me.

About a year ago I realised that his dream was not fading but growing into planning and a lot of talk about vege gardens.

I gave in, I started to get people in to give us quotes to clear the land....the quotes were horrendouse so we started to clear the gorse....boy it was a hard task....we cleared I suppose about half of it when I thought to ask someone else for a quoate...this time much more resonable and they cleared the rest in a day.....and even got the cut gorse down to a skip we had brought in (our second one)....and we needed a third to get rid of the last of it.

Then it was the buying of the planks, the first border built...two planks high....and then we started to haul soil up the hill....bucket after bucket after bucket..after bucket.

Then first plantings made. I still refused to admit this was a great idea...I still refused to acknowledge that djd knew what he was doing...I still refused to praise my djd.

Then the rush was on to build the second border....the garlic had to be planted on the shortest day. And then there were all the broadbeans he wanted to plant....ewwww...I dont like beans.....yuck yuck yuck...only to be proven wrong...they are delicious

Then there was a third and fourth border...and strawberries...hmmm...getting better

Then the fifth and sixth one....and I think we ran out of steam...there should be at least another 3 borders built.

Then two square foot borders in the front yard for tomatoes ...ok ...I thought he had finally lost the plot...and the stress and fretting he went through for these tomatoes......

so what I have here to acknowledge is that djd dream, his idea was brilliant...we have enjoyed the best vegetables ever....and they last for so long...we have had fun experimenting with different stuffed marrow...

The tomatoes although not yeilding what djd had wanted have given us plenty of fruit to make chutneys and tomato sauce...we have had such fun in doing all of this.

So what have we had this summer

bok choy








red cabbage









marrows galore

runner beans

pumpkin - two really large pumpkins

So to you my djd - I acknowledge you are a genius because you dreamed of a vege garden and then it happened. I have enjoyed every last minute of working in the garden, watering the garden and reaping the benefits.

Long may your great ideas keep coming


Kay said...

Awwwww ...that's sweet. I hope it cheers him up. Kate, as we speak is looking at our Yates Garden book - she's all fired up to grow veges on their pocket handkerchief front lawn. I have been quoting you and Dinzie all day!

dinzie said...

Sweetie :O) There wouldn't be a veggie garden without you making it happen :O)

You have put so much work into the gardening...I'm glad it was so fruitful and tasty :O)

What shall we do next ??? :O)

keewee said...

You two are a great team. And look at all those wonderful veggies you had for your table.