Saturday, June 27, 2009

Joint effort

Not sure how this will work but djd and I have merged blogs into on.....are blogs are now living together ...ha!!!

So I'm going to write an entry and see where it ends up.

Just finished reading the book "the lovely bones" by Alice Sebold....interesting book...interesting slant on death....I enjoyed it. I think the movie that Peter Jackson and his wife, whose name completely eludes me.....Fran?....are meant to be making based on this book will ber a very interesting will either be brilliant or you will walk away thinking its completely silly.

There is a program on TV right now on Nostrodarmus and the year 2012...around his predictions of how the world is going to have a very rough time of it, floods, war, destruction....I could be persuaded to believe some of it...but do I really want to think about awful times just around the corner...hmm...probably not

Diet...time to kick it off yet again...yes we seem to be always starting one...this time we have to do it tough...its got to this more kidding oneself. Today by 3 o'clock we hit the wall....just hungry...I'd like to say we climbed the wall and got over....but we caved in and had an extra meal....what can I say...tomorrow we will do better!! We have to!!!

We are going on a break after djd has stopped working and I have come to the end of a pretty intensive project I am currently involved in. So come the end of July and the first week of August we are heading to the land of the kangaroo...and cassawary!! 'we' are currently planning the flights, booking the car, booking the places to stay.....I enjoy doing this but everytime I think I have found the best place...I find somewhere else and then I begin to doubt and then I bug djd until he has to become involved :-) and even then he still leaves it up to me....I have been known to over engineer our holidays....but at least this way I will make sure we do the things we would like the most. Well thats my story and I'm sticking to it.

Today I was struck by how many wax eye's we have around our house....the tree beside our bedroom seemed to have constantly twitching branches of wax eyes feeding off the insects. There are just so many....beautiful little bird...suppose I should get my camera back into action and get photos. Which reminds me...I need a better photo manager on my pc.

Right back to the grind....nose stuck to the laptop to find those hotel deals and car rental offerings.....I will not cease until I have all things perfect :-)

And besides I want to know where this blog now appears :-)


Kay said...

It appeared as your blog on my sidebar.
Life sounds as if it is relenting a little for you both and boy! you deserve a great holiday.
The waxeyes don't seem as plenty around here as previously - maybe they all flew up your way!
When you feel those hunger pangs, just picture them desperately attacking your fat - that's what I do!

dinzie said...

You enjoy engineering these holidays :O)

We always have a great time no matter where we go :O)